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Cyber Law was ushered in India with the notification of Information Technology Act on October 17, 2000, the day which is  celebrated as "Digital Society Day".

Amongst the pioneers in the field Na.Vijayashankar popularly known as Naavi stands out by his contributions to the cause of development of a responsible Cyber Society in India. Naavi's contributions extends to "Creation of Cyber Law Awareness", "Fighting for the cause of Netizens",  "Development of  Cyber Law Compliance Culture", " Introduction of unique "IT Enabled Services for Cyber Law related issues" and working towards development of products for Cyber Law Compliance. His work in the field of Cyber Law started in 1998 when the draft E Commerce Act 1998 became available in India and continues to this day.

Naavi is a man with the mission and his efforts are  not matched by many organizations which are reasonably expected to work for the cause of Cyber Law Awareness. Naavi has been instrumental in development of many other organizations which have started working in the field of Cyber Law, such as Cyber Society of India, International Institute of Information technology, Digital Society Foundation etc.

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Naavi, A Man with a Mission

 When we think of Cyber Laws in India, one name that strikes our mind is that of Naavi, a man with a mission….to create Cyber Law Awareness across the different segments of the society and to contribute towards building a responsible Cyber Society.

Naavi is the popular name of Na.Vijayashankar, born in Mysore. He had his early schooling in small towns of Karnataka such as Gubbi, Pandavapura, Maddur and  then moved to Mysore where he had his highschool at Mahajana Higher Secondary School, college education at Yuvaraja's College and passed out of Mysore university as a post graduate in Physics from Manasa Gangotri in 1973.

 Naavi then joined Indian Overseas Bank where he worked in various senior capacities until 1987 at different places in Karnataka and other states before he ventured into the private sector to build the next part of  his career. After working in financial services sector in different companies, Naavi developed an interest in Cyber Laws by 1998 when the first draft of the legislation in India was made public.

 True to his character of sharing knowledge, Naavi started a portal on Cyber Law (Presently www.naavi.org ) to discuss the provisions of the proposed legislation which he rightly predicted would have a profound impact on the society. He also wrote what turned out to be the first book on Cyber Laws in India titled “Cyber Laws for Every Netizen in India”.

 Thus Naavi’s efforts at Cyber Law Education started in 1998, making him the pioneer of Cyber Law Education in the Country.

 In 2000 when the draft Cyber Law became a full fledged act in the form of “Information Technology Act 2000”, Naavi decided to start offering more formal education in Cyber Laws and started Cyber Law College as a virtual education center dedicated to Cyber Law Education. The virtual courses were offered at the website www.cyberlawcollege.com  and marked the beginning of a new phase in his efforts to spread Cyber Law Awareness.

During the next few years, Naavi published the first e-book on Cyber Laws in India titled “Cyber Laws in India…ITA-2000 and beyond” and also a book in Kannada titled “” (Cyber Crimes). Naavi also made significant efforts to educate the Corporate entities on the need to implement Cyber Law Compliance in their business processes and promoted the concept of “CyLawCom” as a structured voluntary approach to mitigation of Cyber Law Related risks in business. His book “CyLawCom…Corporate Mantra for the Digital Era” was directed at introducing this concept. He also developed a course “Certificate in Techno Legal Cyber Security” to create the necessary skills and is further taking steps to create awareness and acceptance of CyLawCom audit in the industry.

 Naavi has also pioneered many new service concepts such as Cyber Evidence Archival Center ( www.ceac.in  ) which provides services to Police and public for Cyber Evidence presentation in a Court of law and Domain Name Dispute Resolution System ( www.lookalikes.in  ) for resolving consumer confusion arising out of similar looking domain names. He is now in the process of building an online arbitration system with features that may make it globally distinct.

 Since the beginning of 2005, Naavi who has all along been residing in Chennai started working with a greater focus in the Karnataka market. His objective was to make Karnataka the most Cyber Law Literate State in India through a set of activities under “” (Karnataka Cyber Laws Awareness Movement). Towards this process Naavi has started offering the course “Certificate in Cyber Laws “ as offline courses in Bangalore, Hubli and Mysore in association with reputed local law colleges. The Bangalore course is being offered in association with KLE Society’s Law College in Rajaji Nagar and the Course in Hubli is being offered in association with KLE Society’s G K Law College. The Course at Mysore is being offered in association with JSS Law College. The three colleges together will have a capacity to offer the courses to around 250 students in an year. In order to make it possible for professionals to take the course and also to enable Naavi to personally participate in teaching, the classes will be conducted on week ends and at fortnightly/monthly intervals. A total of 48 hours of class room teaching is planned for these courses which will cover the subject comprehensively from Information Technology Act 2000 to Intellectual Property Laws and International scenario in Cyber Laws. The course will have an industry orientation through coverage on E-Commerce and Cyber Law Compliance. 

Additionally, Naavi is also conducting lectures at Law Colleges and Engineering Institutions all over India as well as seminars and workshops at different Companies. He also conducts training for Police in Chennai and other places. He also visits the Judicial Academy regularly to discuss Cyber Crimes with the Judicial officers. In order to take Cyber Law Knowledge to the masses, Naavi has created a website in Kannada, www.naavika.org  inviting legal professionals to start building content in Kannada.

 Naavi’s dream is well captured in the adjoining poem where he highlights the need for Cyber Law Awareness to build a prosperous Cyber Society  and the role Cyber Law College would like to play in building such a Cyber Law Compliant  Society.

 Naavi’s invitation to Lawyers and Engineers to join this Cyber Law  awareness movement is reflected in the following poem.

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